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Ballerina Faerie

Ballerina Faerie

Includes 5 pieces:

• Tutu
• Leotard
• Wings
• Bodice
• Garland

The Ballerina Faerie Tutu is made from over 100 feet of the highest quality bridal tulle, and the top layer is trimmed in delicate rosettes overlaying 12 layers of tulle in alternating shades. The Ballerina Faerie Leotard has puffed velvet sleeves that can be worn on or off the shoulders to create multiple silhouettes.


The Ballerina Faerie Wings are embellished with multiple layers of iridescent bridal tulle, handmade organdy roses and delicate organza ribbons. Each pair of faerie wings comes in its own organza wing bag for easier storage! The Ballerina Faerie Bodice has puffed satin sleeves and a ruched peplum. The stretch velvet body allows it fit comfortably over any Ella Dynae leotard.

The Ballerina Faerie Garland can be worn as a headband, fascinator, over a bun or around a ponytail. As a fun alternative the garland can be wrapped around the wrist as a hanging-ribbon corsage or stretched around the tulle adorning the back of the faerie wings to embellish them further. Each garland comes in a special organza bag to keep it safe!




All of our costumes use high quality materials that combine elegance and durability with stunning results; thoughtful design has produced costumes that are both versatile and comfortable. Every surface that touches the skin is soft and our bodices and waistbands stretch to comfortably fit your child for up to 3 years.  Our passion is creating the costumes we always dreamed of; costumes that can be worn with pride whether you happen to be a real faerie or not.  We hope you will enjoy exploring our world as much as we enjoyed creating it…

Combine the Ballerina Faerie with another Ella Dynae Costume and save up to $86!


If you are considering combining the Ballerina Faerie with another costume, one of our favorite pieces is the ballerina bodice. This will turn the Rosette Princess skirt into a regal queen, and also adds a formal touch to the Wildflower Faerie skirts or the Victoriana Princess skirt. The color of any leotard worn underneath the bodice will show through the lacing to change the look of the outfit.

The leotard and tutu combine well with other costumes for a variety of looks, and of course the wings and garland can be worn with any other costume. Our recommendations for costumes to combine with the Ballerina Faerie: Wildflower Faerie, Victoriana Princess, or Rosette Princess. See deluxe set listings to save up to $86 (combined savings of costume price/shipping) when you buy two costumes.



Ages: 3-5
Waist: 16-24 in



Ages: 5-7

Waist: 17-25 in


Ages: 8-10
Waist: 18-26 in

From $210.00

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