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'Create Your Own' Fairy Princess Party/ Flower Girl Dress

'Create Your Own' Deluxe Fairy Princess Party/ Flower Girl Dress

These 'Create Your Own' dresses sets are the perfect way to achieve the ideal Fairy Princess, Flower Girl or Party Dress for a fraction of the time and cost required for an entirely custom piece. 


The Dress Set Includes the following pieces:

• Leotard Bodice or Convertible Rose Leotard
• Scalloped Tutu or Contrasting Tutu
• Rose Satin Sash
• Rose Headband
• Fairy Wings (with 5 piece set)


Color Options:

• Purple & Fuschia

• Rose Pink & Purple

• Peach & Yellow

• Lavender & Purple

• Hot Pink & Pale Pink

• Pale & Rose Pinks

• Flower Girl White

• Turquoise & Green

• Wine & Ivory

• Dusty Rose & Wine

• Hot Pink & Orange

• Red & Burgundy

• Custom Color Combination


Choose Your Leotard:​

  1. The Convertible Rose Leotard has soft ruffled organza straps and handmade roses embellish the neckline. The rose straps are convertible and stretchy and can be worn in a variety of ways - on or off the shoulders, as a scooped neckline, under the arms, one shoulder, etc.
  2. The Leotard Bodice has puffed velvet sleeves that can be worn on or off the shoulders to create multiple silhouettes and a contrasting front panel. Handmade organza roses embellish the elegant square neckline.

Choose Your Tutu:

Both styles of Tutu skirt are made with over 60 yards of the highest quality bridal tulle. With 16 layers of tulle, the tutu is extremely full and there is no risk of it being too sheer. Both  tutu skirts can be worn at the hips, waist, or under the bust - hidden ruffled organza straps on the inside of the waistband also allow the tutu to be worn by itself as a knee-length dress. This option is especially lovely with the matching fairy wings!


  1. Scalloped Tutu: The hem is cut in a scalloped petal shape like a flower to give the skirt a whimsical fairytale feel as your little one twirls and dances. 
  2. Contrasting Tutu: The top 2 layers of tulle are slit up to the waistband at even intervals around the skirt to reveal contrasting shades of burgundy and red as your little one twirls and moves. 

The Rose Satin Sash is 1 1/2" wide and is embellished with 3 beautiful handmade organza roses. The sash is removable and ties at the back in a bow. The waistband of the tutu underneath the sash is covered in stretch velvet and made with reinforced active elastic for optimal comfort and durability.

The Convertible Rose Headband is made of soft, stretchy elastic framed with a delicate double ruffle of organza and is embellished with a 3" diameter handmade fabric rose and organza ribbons. It is convertible and can be worn as a headband, scrunchie, headwrap, or bracelet and is even soft enough to wear as a necklace. 

The Fairy Wings are embellished with multiple layers of iridescent bridal tulle, handmade organdy roses and organza ribbons. All of our wings are hand painted especially by Ella Dynae. Each pair of faerie wings comes in its own organza wing bag for easier storage!








Ages: 3-5
Waist: 16-24 in
Skirt Length: 16 in



Ages: 5-7

Waist: 17-25 in
Skirt Length: 20 in


Ages: 8-10
Waist: 18-26 in
Skirt Length: 24 in


Click the links below to view 2 popular combinations in our online store

For custom color/ style combinations please get in touch using the 'Contact Us' page

From $160.00

From $160.00

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