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Wildflower Faerie

Wildflower Faerie

Includes 5 Pieces:

• Faerie Skirt
• Leotard
• Wings
• Tulle Overskirt
• Garland

The Wildflower Faerie Leotard has handmade organdy roses and organza ribbon draped around the neckline and shoulders which stretches to fit and can be worn on or off the shoulders, or under the arms. Matching gathered satin straps ensure an appropriate fit.

The Wildflower Faerie Skirt is a full circle skirt made of multiple layers of embroidered organza embellished with sequins and lined in crushed charmeuse satin. It can be worn at the waist or hips, or under the bust to create different looks. It can also be worn by itself as a dress to create a truly whimsical forest faerie.

The Wildflower Faerie Tulle Overskirt is made of numerous layers of premium quality bridal tulle. It is ruched in front and embellished with 3 handmade organdy roses and organza ribbon. It can be worn over the skirt or by itself with the leotard.

The Wildflower Faerie Wings are embellished with multiple layers of iridescent bridal tulle, handmade organdy roses and organza ribbons. All of our wings are hand painted especially by Ella Dynae and come in a matching organza wing bag for easier storage!

The Wildflower Faerie Garland can be worn as a headband, fascinator, over a bun or around a ponytail. As a fun alternative the garland can be wrapped around the wrist as a hanging-ribbon corsage or stretched around the tulle adorning the back of the faerie wings to embellish them further.




All of our costumes use high quality materials that combine elegance and durability with stunning results; thoughtful design has produced costumes that are both versatile and comfortable. Every surface that touches the skin is soft and our bodices and waistbands stretch to comfortably fit your child for up to 3 years.  Our passion is creating the costumes we always dreamed of; costumes that can be worn with pride whether you happen to be a real faerie or not.  We hope you will enjoy exploring our world as much as we enjoyed creating it…

Combine Combine the Wildflower Faerie with another Ella Dynae Costume and save up to $86!


If you are considering combining the Wildflower Faerie with another costume, we’d like to point out that either of these faerie skirts looks fabulous worn over any other Ella Dynae skirt or the genie pants. The two Wildflower skirts can even be worn together over any of the pieces from another costume for a more extravagant look.

The leotard from the Wildflower costume is in our opinion the most versatile, and looks great with everything in the Ella Dynae collection. It goes without saying that the wings and garland can be worn with any other costume. Our recommendations for costumes to combine with the Wildflower Faerie: Ballerina Faerie, Victoriana Princess, or Jasmine Princess. See deluxe set listings to save up to $86 (combined savings of costume price/shipping) when you buy two costumes.



Ages 3-5
Waist: 16-24 in
Skirt Length: 20 in



Ages 5-7
Waist: 17-25 in
Skirt Length: 24 in



Ages 8-10
Waist: 18-26 in
Skirt Length: 30 in


From $210.00

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